Can the smart water controller be installed in the open air? Will it be damaged by the rain?

No, because theQOTO smart water timer adopt IP66 waterproof technology, not afraid of rain, and can withstand high temperature 85 ℃, not afraid of exposure

Can the water flow of QOTO smart irrigation timer be controlled?

Yes, the product itself can adjust the size of the water flow through the APP, set in the form of a percentage.The accuracy is 5%, and the water volume can be finely controlled. In addition, the water spray mode of the spray head can also be adjusted directly to adjust the amount of water.

Many product outlets are relatively small, can this smart water controllerbe connected to large pipes?

Yes, the water outlet is relatively small because the water outlet does not match the actual water outlet, but the water outlet of QOTO the flower protector automatic watering timer is standard. For example, the water outlet is 1/2 inch, then the actual water outlet is also 1/2 inch. If you want to connect a larger size pipeline, please consult our sales or customer service.

Our water source is a water tower, and the pressure is very small. Can your automatic watering device be used for sprinkler irrigation?

Although we have no requirements for water pressure, we can't do sprinkler irrigation.we can use it as a dropper.If we must sprinkle irrigation, we need to install a booster pump.

Are there any requirements for water quality and pressure, because we are the source of the water tower?

There is no requirement, because the motor rotates the ball valve, so there is no requirement for water pressure. In addition, the maximum water pressure can be up to 1.6Mpa. At the same time, the full-diameter pipeline is used, and there is no requirement for water quality.

Can this smart water sprinkler be used as a disinfectant spray?

Yes, in addition to the usual remote control of watering flowers, watering melons and fruits in the greenhouse, and lawn watering, there are also some farm disinfection and epidemic disinfection. In addition to these, the QOTO watering controller can also be used to remotely control the water in the bathtub and the water in the swimming pool, which is very smart and widely used by people and multiple applications.

If this smart watering timer is installed on a faucet, can any faucet be used?

No, you need an externally threaded tap, such as a tap for a washing machine.

Will this smart watering controller be difficult to install

No, the installation is very simple, and detailed instructions are available for easy use.