What should I do if I want to delete the sub-device under the QTW-01 gateway?

Method 1: Press and hold the QTW-01 gateway for 20 seconds. After the waist light flashes quickly, all connected sub-devices will be automatically deleted.

Method 2: Manually delete the sub-devices one by one on the APP.

QTW-01 How to distribute network between gateway and router?

The red indicator flashes fast, open the smart home / Tuya smart APP to register and log in, and click "+”

Select "Add Manually"

Then click "Connector (WIFI)" in "Other"

Enter the next page and enter the WIFI account and password

Click "Next" to go to the next page,

Tick "Confirm the indicator is flashing fast"

Click "Next",

Show the progress of adding device

The red indicator of the gateway is always on, and the network configuration is successful.

How does the QTW-01 gateway connect these sub-devices such as automatic watering device and doorbell?

1.APP mode: open APP — click on the gateway — fittings — click (quick add) —the white light on the waist of the gateway lights up — then press the button 2~3 times quickly on the sub-device function key — the gateway emits a prompt tone — Wait a moment, the APP indicates that the network distribution is successful.


2. Offline mode: Press and hold the function key for about 5 seconds, the waist light of the gateway will turn on and off once, release the function key after the green indicator light is on, after the white light of the waist of the gateway is always on, and press the function key of the sub-device continuously twice, the gateway will prompt Ringtone, the network is successfully distributed, you can operate after 3-4 seconds.

What are the advantages of smart water timer RF radio technology?

①Very low power consumption

②Compared with the ordinary WIFI signal, it is more stable, the transmission distance is about 180 meters from the outside empty area, and the indoor can penetrate 2 ~ 3 walls, which is 2 ~ 3 times of the ordinary WIFI.

Do I have to use the QTW-01 gateway?

The battery-powered version of this smart irrigation watering controller is used. This is the RF radio communication protocol, so a gateway is required to connect to the network.

If you purchase the WIFI version, you don't need to use the QTW-01 gateway, you can directly configure the home router

What does QTW-01 gateway do?

The gateway plays the role of connecting the automatic watering timer, and a wireless switch can be used as a doorbell. It can also be equipped with human sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, door magnets, overflows, etc. All are  connected to the cloud through the gateway, and a gateway can Connect 60 sub-devices of different categories at the same time.

One APP can achieve smart  control of the whole house

How to connect the WIFI version automatic watering device to the router?

First determine whether the green light on the bottom of the device flashes quickly (if not, press and hold the device function key for 5 seconds to switch the flashing state);

open the smart home/graffiti smart APP to register and log in, click "+",select "Manually add" and then click "Socket (WIFI)" in "Electrician", enter the next page to enter the WIFI account and password;

click "Next" to the next page, check "Confirm indicator is fast "Flash", click "Next" to display the progress of adding the device, the green indicator of the device is always on, the APP will display the successful network configuration, and name the device name and address.

We want to control the hot water pipes.Can QOTO smart water valve with stand hot water?

Yes, our product can withstand a water temperature of 70 degrees.