Can the water timer be set manually? I plan to use it remotely only while on vacation, and I don't always turn on WiFi.

Yes, there is a button for manual opening on the current automatic water valve.  

steps are:Touch once to open-press again to stop at the current position-press again to close.

What if the power fails during the scheduled watering period? Will the automatic water valve not close until the network is reconnected?

Will not. Even if the power outage causes the gateway to stop working, the automatic timer will still shut off the water flow at the scheduled time.

How to improve the wireless communication quality between the gateway and QOTO automatic watering device?

Try to move the gateway closer to the QOTO automatic timer. Please note that the gateway can link your home router WIFI signal.

I already have an RF wireless gateway from another company (eg:Philips, Samsung). Can the QOTO water timer work with my existing non-QOTO gateway?

No. We have implemented proprietary protocols on top of standard RF radios, so our equipment is not compatible with any third-party RF radio products.

If my router is in dual-band mode, how can I change to the 2.4GHzp band?

5 Steps to Enable 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi on TP-Link Router

Step 1. Connections

Connect your smart-phone or laptop to Wi-Fi network of your router or connect your PC to the LAN port of the router using the Ethernet cable.


Step 2. Log In To Your Router Settings

Type the address or host-name, type your username and password to log in to the configuration page of your wireless router. See the label on router or documentation on the official website. If you can’t find the username or password, you can factory reset your router at any time.



Step 3. Select 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz or Both

Go to Dual Band Selection.

You can select either Concurrently with 2.4GHz and 5GHz (802.11a/b/g/n/ac) or Only work in 5 GHz.

If you wish to disable 5 GHz band (802.11ac), select Only work in 2.4 (802.11b/g/n) option.



Step 4. Configure 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Network

Give it a name (SSID). For instance, QOTO_2.4G and click Save.

After that go to the Wireless Security subsection and specify the password (security key) for your 2.4 GHz network and also click Save.



Step 5. Save Settings and Reboot Your Router

After you made all necessary changes to your wireless router’s configuration and clicked the last Save button you should reboot your router. On TP-Link routers you can either click the reboot link or go to System Tools > Reboot section and click on the Reboot button.


What should I do if the mobile APP cannot connect to the smart watering timer or the gateway?

Follow the steps in the operating instructions to restart the connection once if it is not connected.

If you still can't connect, you can check several aspects to check whether the WIFI and mobile phone network are in normal use.

1. Confirm whether the WIFI name and wifi password are correct.

2.Whether the indicator of the sprinkler flashes quickly when connected,

3.Confirm whether the connected router is in the 2.4GHz band, if it is in the 5G band, it must be set to the 2.4GHz band


How long can the battery of this smart irrigation timer last?

There are two types of batteries to choose from, one is a normal AA  dry battery that can be used for 12 months, and the other is a rechargeable AA battery + Monocrystalline Solar board that can be used continuously for 3 to 4 years and is about to run out When the APP will prompt to replace the battery.

QTW-01 The gateway has been configured once, how to operate if I want to re-link another network?

First delete the gateway information in the APP or press and hold the function key for about 10 seconds, the steps are as follows:

Press and hold the function key for about 5 seconds

Gateway waist light flashes twice

The green indicator light turns on for about two seconds

Release the function button when the gateway waist light flashes again

Wait for 3 ~ 4 seconds, after the gateway prompts the bell, the red indicator flashes quickly

If it flashes slowly, re-operate again.