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Wireless water timer to control water source regularly

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-13 17:15:03

There are many places in the home that need water, making food and laundry, cleaning hygiene, washing hands, and other domestic water. Gardens and lawn watering are all places where water will be used at home, so how does the wireless water timer start in life? Does it work?For example, if you want to put water in the bathtub to take a bath, it takes time to put water in the bathtub. You can use the mobile phone to set the timer to open the water gate before the bath. In addition, there is an overflow. After receiving the reminder, you can take a bath.


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The wireless water timer can also be used for garden watering. The garden watering can be set at a preset time, and how longs it can be timed and the amount of water can be setting regularly. The remote mobile APP can be controlled and can pay attention to the watering situation in real time.


In addition to household watering, there are many places where water is needed. Wireless water timers can be used, such as farms, golf courses, parks, and swimming pools. You can set up regular watering or regular watering on your mobile phone. When the swimming pool is full, there will be overflowing. The device detects and automatically closes the water release gate, without worrying that the water will overflow too much, safe and convenient.


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 There are also public places that need to be disinfected or the farm needs to be disinfected, disproof sprinklers can also use wireless water timer.With the convenience of people's lives, water management will become more and more convenient, which can save a lot of labor and meet people's daily life to the greatest extent, and people can use these times to do other things.