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Wifi garden watering to solve family planting troubles

Published by QiangTai 2019-08-12 17:01:29

Many small partners who plant flowers and plants at home have an annoyance, that is, since they planted flowers and plants at home, they dare not travel!do you have such troubles too?finally have a vacation, friends and colleagues invited me to travel, but because of the concern that the potted flowers at home are not taken care of, not dare to go. wifi garden watering can solve your troubles.

Wifi garden watering to solve family planting troubles

Here to introduce the function of wifi garden watering, I think it can help everyone solve their troubles. wifi garden watering has the function of remote control sprinkler, and is not limited by distance, even if you fly abroad, you can control the wifi garden watering with your mobile phone. and there is a regular watering function. set a time period and set a watering time, this will turn into automatic watering, so you don't have to worry about your plant being taken care of.

select wifi garden watering is right

Last October, I wanted to travel abroad, and I also canceled my travel plan because I was worried that my family's plants were not taken care of. later, after the introduction of a friend, I used the wifi garden watering. easy to install, just plug in the water outlet, then add a nozzle, then set up the wifi connection, easy to get. I can travel abroad safely in October.when the trip is over, return home, the plants at home are still so vibrant. select wifi garden watering is right!