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What is the price of the wifi sprinkler controller?

Published by QiangTai 2019-09-17 11:54:04

The QOTO wifi sprinkler controller is a plant-developed device that monitors soil moisture, temperature, and air humidity. In combination with the mobile phone APP, remote remote control devices can be used to water the plants. It can be said that it is powerful and easy to operate. What is the price of such a powerful wifi sprinkler controller?


What is the price of the wifi sprinkler controller


wifi sprinkler controller replaces traditional irrigation system


QOTO recruits agents for wifi sprinkler controller worldwide.locate the price of WiFi sprinkler controller according to franchiser's sale,The general price is between $35 and $45.Then the traditional water spray controllers on the market are priced between $75 and $200,the low price function is not so powerful, and the powerful price is much more expensive.Therefore, in the face of market competition, the price of QOTO wifi sprinkler controller is an absolute advantage.


QOTO wifi sprinkler controller is an absolute advantage


Compare the lowest price of $75 on the market,This product does not have a timed water spray function, there is no water volume adjustment function, it is a simple wifi controller.In his performance, he did not reach the standard of saving time and effort and saving water. Compare the $200 products on the market,the features of this product, the QOTO wifi water spray controller also has,so the price advantage is particularly obvious.


wifi sprinkler controller developed for plants



It is worth mentioning that the QOTO team has also established a complete after-sales service, even if there is no installation experience, the equipment can be installed and maintained under the guidance of after-sales service. QOTO wifi sprinkler controller This product is mainly intended to replace the old generation of irrigation system, making garden irrigation more intelligent and faster, more scientific.