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Water automation system in the intelligent era

Published by QiangTai 2020-07-09 18:27:52

The era of home intelligence is coming, and the lifestyle is more convenient. Among them, household water management, which accounts for a large proportion in daily life, is also intelligent and automated in water management. Because water is more of an uncontrollable fluid, water cannot be separated from life, but it cannot be overdose.


Flowers on the balcony


In homes, more and more people understand and apply water automation systems, and water sources are indispensable in daily life, so water management is more reflected in daily life. The water in the home can be controlled intelligently by mobile phone.Taking QOTO as an example, in water management, the first application is in watering, whether it is watering of green plants in home gardens or lawns in farms and parks, as long as it needs watering, it can be used, and it is through the mobile APP Remote control, regular quantitative watering, watering anytime, anywhere.


Smart sprinkler at work


Installed indoors, it can also be used in domestic water. An intelligent water timer can be installed at the gate, so the water gate can be controlled at any time on the mobile phone.In addition, the equipped sub-device overflow can detect water leakage. If people are away from home and are worried about water leakage at home, they can install an overflow at home. When the overflow detects water, it will feed back to the mobile phone APP and automatically close the water gate. Don't worry that the water will continue to overflow and spread.


Water automation systems slowly enter people's lives, bringing higher quality and more convenience to life.