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Travel destination in your own courtyard

Published by QiangTai 2020-07-13 18:35:00

On the endless lawn by the river, scattered tents in twos and threes, a couple sitting snuggled by the river, the lawn is covered with a small strawberry napkin, with cute cakes and many delicate foods on it, and a little girl in a flowered shirt runs Running around to play, this is no good and peaceful scene.


Children sitting in the grass


In fact, this kind of scene can also be realized in your own home, of course, the premise is to maintain the lawn and flowers of your home courtyard clean and beautiful. Watering is a long-lasting and large-scale project, and requires attention to skills. It is necessary to equip the lawn watering system of the family, so as to be able to fully care for and care for the flowers and plants, and have a better life experience.


Diagram of lawn irrigation timer


The lawn watering system can reasonably plan and use water for family irrigation, and can also save water costs to the greatest extent. The most important thing is convenience and safety. It can keep abreast of the family watering situation and get real-time feedback on the watering situation. When it is water, even if you go abroad for vacation, you can water the flowers and plants at home.


When the weather is nice, bring three or two friends or a warm family gathering, you can open the body at home without going far.