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The essential yard sprinkler system for the family courtyard

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-22 17:55:31

The wireless sprinkler controller is a good helper for the family courtyard. The yard sprinkler system is indispensable. Not every day has enough time to water the lawn and vegetation in a timely manner, so courtyard irrigation is also a priority in life.


Corner of the garden


QOTO intelligent watering devices can solve the needs of gardens watering, regular watering, quantitative irrigation, wireless intelligent watering, and a mobile phone can remotely control the yard watering system.


There are a variety of sprinklers to choose from, regardless of whether the spraying distance is long or short, and there is no requirement for water pressure, and the amount of water does not have to be worried. Adjust the watering amount directly on the APP and adjust the water amount of the form of a percentage , Accurate to 5%, no need to worry about watering will accidentally pouring too much, set the watering time, when the time will automatically close the gate, will not cause water waste.


Sprinkler head


Ultra-long standby time, in addition to ordinary AA batteries, there are rechargeable low-light version of solar cells, the use of up to 2 to 3 years, installation is not limited by location, solar cells can save resources and reduce environmental pollution. Using RF radio transmission mode, the transmission distance is farther than ordinary WIFI, and the penetration is stronger. The transmission distance is 180m outdoors, and the wall can pass through 2~3 walls. As a yard sprinkler system, there is no need to worry that the yard area is too large to water.


Therefore, the yard sprinkler system still recommends the QOTO smart watering devices, which is completely smart. As long as it is installed, you don’t have to worry about anything, use it with confidence, safe and convenient.