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The best watering timer for public parks

Published by QiangTai 2020-07-17 17:50:07

There are green plants everywhere in life. In addition to the flowers and plants planted in the family courtyard, you can usually see neatly trimmed lawns and green plants when you go out. These green plants are also staffed by special staff. Planting also takes a lot of time to take care of, and requires careful care. Daily watering is a matter of time.


Flowered garden


Therefore, the best sprinkler timer is needed, which can simultaneously irrigate in a large range, and does not need to be personally watered on site, which can save labor costs and resources.


The best sprinkler timer is to set the timed watering remotely with a mobile phone. Lawns and shrubs can be watered with one click. Using RF radio transmission technology, the transmission signal distance is long, and the penetration is strong. It is 2~3 times the transmission distance of ordinary WIFI. , Don't worry that watering will not cover the area.


Schematic diagram of the best watering timer


It is equipped with a low-light solar rechargeable battery. The installation is not restricted by the site, and can be used for 3 to 4 years. The standby time is very long. The best sprinkler system can be used for all kinds of outdoor irrigation, easy to install, easy and fast to operate.


Don't worry about more green plants, maintain a good environment, and have the best sprinkler timer for the best protection of vegetation.