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Voice-controlled indoor irrigation controller

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-30 19:54:44

Many people who love flowers move to their homes and plant flowers. Those who have gardens will plant their favorite plants. After the gardens are planted, there will be balconies and indoor window sills. They must be accompanied by green plants. It will be pleasing to the eye.


Indoor irrigation controller at work!


When growing flowers, watering flowers is a big project. Nowadays, indoor irrigation controllers are basically popularized in homes. When busy, a mobile phone can be used to control the equipment to irrigate the vegetation of the home and drink. At the same time as coffee, the flowers and plants in the room can be irrigated, what a pleasant thing.


Indoor irrigation controller at work!


Open the voice assistant, you can also directly open the indoor irrigation controller to work through the dialogue mode, set the flow rate of watering by voice, you can immediately water, free your hands, the interactive experience of the voice assistant, use a more natural way with smart devices Interactively realize linkage.


The indoor irrigation controller greatly facilitates the daily flowering of flower lovers and protects the flowers and plants in the most enjoyable way.