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The value of irrigation using a sprinkler timer

Published by QiangTai 2019-06-04 16:00:26

In China, during the agricultural irrigation season, there is a busy scene in the farmland. However, in a certain village in Henan, I did not see this scene. The field only saw the water sprayer in order to spray water. What is the reason? That's right, this is the famous agricultural demonstration base. The farmers here don't need to go down to the fields to irrigate because their irrigation system uses a sprinkler timer.

Irrigation using a sprinkler timer

The sprinkler timer installed in the irrigation system not only saves 40% of water per acre, saves labor and saves $7, and the effect of irrigation is better than manual irrigation.A villager can cultivate 45 acres of arable land, and he can water it by himself. Irrigation can save more than $1400.Irrigation of an acre of land costs $25-30 before using a sprinkler timer. Sometimes this price may not be able to hire labor. Therefore, reducing irrigation costs has become a necessary national policy for every agricultural country.

Sprinkler timer to irrigate farmland

The farmland irrigation system is equipped with a sprinkler timer that sets the amount of water used for irrigation and the irrigation time based on soil conditions and climate parameters. Multiple sprinklers can be controlled in groups, each unit can control 6 acres of irrigated area, and only one person can do it through the mobile APP. In addition to saving water and labor, it also saves land for cultivation.The use of ditches for irrigation will occupy the area of cultivated land,With a sprinkler timer, you can save about 1 acre of land for every 96 acres. The increase in the area of cultivation means an increase in the income, so the cost saved from planting to harvesting is more than $4,500.

Irrigation of the lawn with a sprinkler timer

At present, the sprinkler timer has been popularized in China, and many planting users have already obtained huge profits. Looking forward to the world's agricultural development, we are willing to help the agricultural cultivation of big countries to the road of a rich country and a strong country.