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Smart water control in the intelligent era

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-12 16:42:59

Water is the earth’s resources and an indispensable part of the natural living environment. Caring for the environment and using it reasonably, saving water is not not to use water, but to make full use of every boundary. Now in the smart era, more and more smart products of life appear and continue to improve, everyone's life is more and more convenient, and smart water control has also entered people's lives.


Sprinkler is sprinkling water


QOTO smart water control can provide the most comprehensive intelligent water system management for the family. With only one mobile phone, all household water is under control and is committed to building a smart home. The intelligent watering system adopts RF radio communication protocol, which can cover a wider area and the transmission distance is farther.


When traveling to relax, you must take a few days off for a rare vacation, pack your bags and set off, the pets in your house are also taken care of, and the door is locked. If this is a sudden leak in the water pipe in the home and no one is at home, you can only watch the house full of electrical appliances being damaged by flooding when you go home.


Schematic diagram of intelligent watering controller


If QOTO smart water controls is installed, you can see the household water situation directly on the APP without having to be at home. No one takes care of the flowers and plants in the garden at home. The mobile phone automatically waters the flowers with one click, saving manpower and material resources. There is an overflow device for water leakage. If a water leakage is detected in the home, the water gate in the home will be automatically closed to prevent flooding and reduce unnecessary losses. Traveling abroad only requires peace of mind to play, without worrying about no one watering the flowers and plants of home, or water leakage at home? Home smart water controls can help you get it!