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Self watering garden planters when not at home

Published by QiangTai 2020-07-15 17:25:14

People who love flowers and plants are most afraid of being busy with work or going out, because such favorite flowers and plants are not taken care of by others. The work is too busy and there is no time to water the flowers and plants in the garden. It’s not so good. For the flower lovers, the most sad thing is that the flowers and plants are not taken care of.


Flowery garden


But sometimes I still have a busy job or need to travel, or sometimes I want to travel far away, I can't be at home every day, and I can't take care of flowers and plants every day. Having a self-watering garden planters can solve the trouble.


It can water flowers and plants on time and on demand every day, without worrying, as long as one-click control on the mobile APP, or through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and other voice intelligent speaker voice recognition can water the flowers and plants, even if going on a business trip or traveling You can set watering on your mobile phone, the flowers and plants in your home will be automatically watered, and you can get real-time feedback on the watering situation. Self-watering garden planters is reassuring and reassuring.


Waterer at work


There is a flower-filled courtyard. When you go home from get off work or when you are away from home, you will feel better, and you will also have a sense of satisfaction. Self-watering garden planters to make your daily life a good mood.