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Safe lawn irrigation products

Published by QiangTai 2020-08-04 18:18:03

Lawn in life, whether at home, the lawn needs to be well organized, or outdoors in parks, the coverage rate of lawn is very high, and the maintenance of lawn usually takes a lot of time and energy.


Especially lawn irrigation is a long-term thing. It needs to be carefully irrigated for a long time. You can't water too much or water too little, but you have to have time to do it. Because plant life is sometimes not so easy, plant life is also the same, sometimes very fragile and needs to be cared for.


The lawn is sprinkling water


lawn irrigation is especially important, but lawn care can sometimes make people feel tired. If it is not taken care of, it will easily cause the lawn to grow poorly and even affect neighbor relations.


If you choose an automatic irrigation controller for lawn irrigation, then lawn irrigation is very simple and convenient. It can be directly controlled by APP on a mobile phone for irrigation, which saves time, and then you can use the irrigation time to do something For other things, such as cooking, parties, traveling, and working overtime, you only need to set watering in advance on your mobile phone, and the timing will be automatically turned off. There is no need to worry about watering in time.


The lawn is sprinkling water


And absolutely adopt the most advanced technology to do the best in lawn irrigation, such as the use of RF radio technology, which can transmit at a longer distance than ordinary WIFI, reaching 2~3 times, the transmission speed is also faster, and the penetration Stronger, the outdoor transmission distance is up to 180m, and indoors up to 3~4 walls. Can meet more needs of lawn watering.