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Reassurance from QOTO automatic irrigation system

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-08 18:14:22

No matter what season you want to travel, the mood will not change. You want to go to Venice, Italy to experience the romantic integration. The river flows slowly. You want to go to Las Vegas in the United States for shopping and eating. The Opera House feels the charm of the art and culture palace...What blocked the pace of going out? Is work! There is also a garden and grass in the house!There are always holidays for work, but once you leave home, no one in the garden at home can take care of it. It seems that the QOTO automatic irrigation system, no matter where you are, can use your mobile phone to water the home gardens ithout worries.


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Set up regular watering, watering at a fixed time every day, you can travel with confidence, no need to worry about the flowers and plants in your home and no one cares. There is also an overflow alarm device. Once a water pipe leak occurs to the home, the overflow device will issue an alarm to remind the owner on the mobile phone side and automatically close the sluice gate to prevent continued leaks in causing losses and safety threats.


automatic irrigation system


If you still have farms to take care of, the QOTO automatic irrigation system has the characteristics of multiple networks, one gateway can connect 60 different sub-devices, a wide coverage, a transmission distance of 180m, and 2 to 3 walls can be worn indoors No need to worry about over-watering on the farm, and there is no water pressure requirement, and the automatic irrigation system has no pressure to water flowers and grass.


automatic irrigation system


QOTO automatic irrigation system, whether it is going to travel or traveling, as long as it needs irrigation, you can remotely get it through your mobile phone.