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Use a sprinkler timer to save water

Published by QiangTai 2019-05-27 17:43:28

Are you still using manual watering?In a modern, intelligent society, you need a sprinkler timer to help you achieve smart watering. Not only can you save on your water costs, but also save time and effort.

Sprinkler timer sprinkling water

The traditional sprinkler timer used in the garden automatic sprinklers do have a lot of inconveniences, as shown in the following figure, the traditional sprinkler timer on the market, each time the minimum interval is 15 minutes, if your sprinkler is also equipped with extra The pressure motor, not only too much water for 15 minutes, but also the electricity bill will rise, and when you are not at home, you can't change the time by remote change.

traditional sprinkler timer

traditional sprinkler timer

So how do you use the QOTO sprinkler timer? You can refer to the video below so that you can automatically upgrade the water sprinkler to the remote control, the precise smart timing sprinkler!



Even if you are not at home, you can always use the QOTO sprinkler timer switch on the mobile app remote control. You can adjust the time and amount of watering at any time during the rainy season, saving water, saving electricity and saving energy!