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Plant watering system and nature

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-23 17:38:41

As a plant watering system, QOTO has been working hard to satisfy every customer. Green plants are basically seen everywhere in life. As the key to the earth's breath, they are also committed to creating more greener environments, fresh air, and protecting the living planet.


Plant watering system sprinkling water


Plants need human care. It is not the kind that can thrive and grow when a seed is thrown. It is often said that grass has strong vitality, but it also needs to be taken care of. It is also necessary to carry out urban construction while protecting the environment, so The coordination between plants and cities is very important, which is why plants must be built well. Only in this way can we live better with human beings.


The combination of human wisdom and nature, the mobile phone remote operation APP can realize intelligent watering, set in advance, water regularly, accurately control the amount of water, and the watering situation can also be timely feedback through the APP, without worrying about safety, it is very convenient The plant watering system not only brings water to the plants, but also brings convenience to the owners of the plants.


Controller of plant watering system

If you feel that using a mobile phone is not convenient enough, use the Alex and Amazon voice systems to directly open the plant watering system to command watering in a spoken conversation and set the water percentage of watering to enhance the interaction between people, equipment and plants.


When planting plants, watering the plants is also particularly important. QOTO is committed to the plant watering system, which can give everyone peace of mind when watering plants.