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Plant irrigation system implements plant care

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-15 17:18:23

When the green of natural plants also exists on many places, the flowers and grass planted with the courtyard of the home, the grass in the park, and the dense trees in the forest. Basically, when the eyes are tired, look at the green plants to relieve the eyestrain. The green can also purify air. All plants can see plants. Plants are inseparable from watering. To grow well, both light sources and water source is indispensable. QOTO plants irrigation system can be used for plant irrigation. It is smart, convenient and safe.


Flowers and plants planted on the balcony


The QOTO plant irrigation system is dedicated to plant irrigation, and the mobile phone remote control can not only allow plants to grow well, drink enough water, but also do their own things, without delaying too much time, or sett up regular watering in advance, no need to pay attention, The plants have been silently watered. Of course, these will also be fed back to your mobile phone to be able to know the watering situation in real time.


The plant irrigation system can set the amount of watering, and can control the amount of water for different plants to achieve the best irrigation effect. It can realize the voice control to open the device, and Alexa and Google Assistant can control the water volume by voice control.


Plant irrigation system watering flowers


QOTO plant irrigation system has the characteristics of multiple networks, can connect 60 different sub-devices at the same time, adopts RF radio transmission mode, the transmission distance is long and the penetration is strong, the transmission distance can reach 180m, and the indoor can penetrate 2~3 Wall. The battery has strong battery life and long standby time. The ordinary No. 5 battery can be used for 12 months. The low-light version of the rechargeable battery can be used for 2 to 3 years. It is safe and environmentally friendly. While caring for plants, it also loves the environment.