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Mobile grass watering system held in hands

Published by QiangTai 2020-07-04 16:32:04

It's the season when we must diligently irrigate the lawn. In the summer, the water evaporates quickly. We need to water the lawn twice a day to drink enough water for the lawn to grow vigorously. On the contrary, it is easy to soak the roots.


Therefore, it is necessary to install a grass watering system in the hot summer. Water each morning and evening. Just set a regular watering on the mobile phone. In the morning, you can make a cup of coffee and eat a toast with tomato sauce. At the same time as having breakfast, the lawn is already watering itself. After reading breakfast, you can go to work directly after reading the newspaper.


Lawn watering


When you come back from work in the evening, you can go to a movie or go to a party, or cook dinner at home and watch a TV series. The lawn is naturally watered by the grass watering system, but you don’t have to manage it. When the water is enough, the time is up. The grass irrigation system will automatically stop watering. You can go to bed with peace of mind.


If it is suddenly rainy and there is a lot of rain, you can remotely operate the mobile phone to reduce watering or not, and install a grass watering system. As long as the mobile phone is in your hand, you can control the irrigation system in your hand, anytime, anywhere. Water free.


Mobile water control


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