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Lawn sprinkler controller essential for home courtyard

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-19 17:44:08

The endless lawn looks pleasing to the eye. Basically, the courtyard of the home will have lawns, and the park will also have large lawns. Sometimes people will rest on it. The lawns are very neatly trimmed. When the eyes are tired, you can look at the green lawn. I feel refreshed. The lawns of the park are basically equipped with lawn sprinkler controllers of regularly and quantitatively sprinkle water.


The family’s courtyard is actually not too small. By the way, planting flowers and plants will have a lot of vegetation. If you are busy with work and don’t have much time to clean up the courtyard vegetation, you can also install a lawn sprinkler controller of a mobile phone in your hands. Even in foreign countries, you can water your lawn and flowers.


Courtyard lawn


The QOTO lawn sprinkler controller also uses the most advanced technology. In addition to being able to remotely water perfectly, it can also set the amount of watering. The full-diameter pipeline has no requirements on water quality and pressure, and will not cause blockages.Not afraid of sun exposure and rain, IP66 waterproof technology is adopted, and it can withstand temperatures of 80 degrees.If you put it outdoors, you don't worry about the equipment being affected. Moreover, if the area of the lawn to be watered is relatively large, the QOTO gateway can connect 60 different sub-devices at the same time, and can be controlled by only one mobile phone APP, and the RF wireless transmission method is longer than the ordinary WIFI transmission distance. Farther and faster, so there is no need to worry about the area being too large to cover.


Lawn being irrigated


The lawn sprinkler controller is a very intelligent watering device, a smart device for remote watering, which is in line with the living habits of contemporary people, and is a very popular watering device in daily life, especially for flowers and grass People, with a watering device, can save a lot of time and energy.