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Have afternoon tea with best irrigation timer

Published by QiangTai 2020-07-21 16:44:05

Today’s weather is very good, it’s another sunny day, the sun is flooding the earth, and it’s time to water the flowers and plants every day. Although the sun is beautiful, the weather is also very hot. Enjoy the sun properly, but I don’t want to be in the sun all the time. If only you can sit on a bench and have an afternoon tea to water the flowers and plants.


There are indeed such good items, the best irrigation timer, which can automatically irrigate the garden while drinking tea or when the notebook is busy. Just open the mobile app before drinking tea, click on the settings, and you can sit and drink afternoon tea. Through the window, you can see the small rainbow reflected by the water droplets from the irrigation. If there is a breeze, your hair will flutter. Enjoy the joy of life.


best irrigation timer


If you don’t want to use your mobile phone, you can also use Alexa or Google Assistant voice control to turn on the best irrigation timer, and you can also adjust the amount of water by voice, an interactive experience, and easy watering through dialogue.


Timing function of best irrigation timer


Set timed watering. Set the timed watering in advance as long as you want to water. When the watering time is up, the best irrigation timer will automatically close the gate, no worries about the future. When the weather is clear, plants need to drink enough water and people need to maintain a good mood.