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Garden water sprinkler system

Published by QiangTai 2020-08-06 17:44:47

In the spring, it's such a joy to have a good friend to go to a park picnic party, put on a nice skirt, bring delicious sandwiches and cookies, and sit on a wide lawn! How can a well-grown lawn was maintained so well? In fact, there is still a very important aspect, there is a lawn sprinkler system, can be a lot of worry.


It takes a lot of time to present a neat and beautiful lawn, starting from the beginning of seeding, and maintaining it a little bit until it grows up. Sometimes it is not so easy to maintain lawns this year to grow better next year, and it is necessary to fertilize and turn the soil, plus daily watering to grow the lawns lushly.


There is a lawn sprinkler system, which can bring a lot of convenience for lawn watering. In the past, the traditional lawn sprinkler system required people to go to the site to irrigate. It also required people to watch the time, wait for the water to finish, and then turn off the sprinkler. Off. However, with the development of society, new and more intelligent sprinklers have appeared, and there are many new functions. The sprinkler system that can remotely control the sprinkler through the mobile phone can regularly sprinkle water and control the amount of sprinklers.



In addition to being able to remotely control, all aspects of the hardware are also the best, such as rechargeable solar cells, strong battery life, and can protect the environment, such as full-diameter pipes, no water quality and water pressure requirements, such as dedicated RF wireless transmission method, coverage Wide, the area that can be irrigated is wide. In addition to these, there are more and more specialized functions, with a good lawn sprinkler system, to create an enviable lawn.