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Farm and smart irrigation controller

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-11 17:00:34

More and more people want to have their own farm, they can grow as many plants as they want, they like to rend a big farm, and they can also have other jobs. The farm is generally very large, from the beginning to Sowing, watering, weeding and fertilizing are quite big projects. A smart irrigation controller is needed, which can save a lot of labor.


The farm is watering


QOTO smart irrigation controller has the characteristics of multiple networks, one gateway can connect 60 sub-devices at the same time, and adopts RF radio transmission technology, the transmission distance is farther, the penetration is stronger, the transmission distance reaches 180m, and you can wear it indoors Pass 2~3 walls. Long standby time, wireless connection, not limited by location. There are two options of the device battery. One is two No. 5 dry batteries, which can be used for 12 months, and the other is a solar card rechargeable low-light version battery, which can be used 2~ 3 years.


QOTO equipment operation


At the same time, it is not afraid of sun exposure, and can withstand a high temperature of 80 degrees. If the weather is hot, you do not need to go to the sun to water when you are watering. As long as you have a smart irrigation controller and a mobile phone to control regular quantitative watering, you can sit indoors and enjoy leisure.


Sprinkler is sprinkling water


The QOTO smart irrigation controller can control multiple devices to be watered at the same time on the mobile phone with one key, and some fertilizers can also be put into the water to spray together. There is no need to worry about clogging the valve of the device. The full-diameter pipe used by the device is not easy to block and is multi-functional. Irrigation, safe and secure, saving to labor.