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Development process of greenhouse watering system

Published by QiangTai 2019-09-10 09:50:39

Greenhouse watering system, in fact, many of the greenhouse cultivation should be familiar! With the development of the planting industry, the greenhouse watering system is also progressing, from the initial artificial watering, to the automatic layout of the pipeline, and finally to the current automation control! The progress of the watering system naturally gives you more convenience in planting! Let's talk about it today!


Manual greenhouse watering system


The initial artificial watering is the foundation experience to determine whether the crops in the greenhouse need to be watered!Judging by experience! When crops need to be watered, take water on their own and water the crops for irrigation!Ensure that the crops have enough water! Normal growth!


Water canal greenhouse watering system


Later, with the pump, the greenhouse growers made the water pipe layout for the crops in the greenhouse!When the crops need to be watered for irrigation, directly open the pump and directly water it!The watering method of the layout pipe greatly improves the irrigation efficiency of the grower!But the judgment of crops that need irrigation is based on experience!


Development process of greenhouse watering system


Temperature and humidity monitoring of crop soils through sensors should now be possible for greenhouse watering systems, Monitoring data users can see it intuitively through the background or mobile app, The system uses temperature and humidity to judge whether the crop needs watering!If you need to water, directly control the watering system through the background, you can directly achieve irrigation!The current greenhouse watering system allows planting to not rely on experience to judge crop irrigation! More scientific and standardized!


QOTO's greenhouse watering system


At present, QOTO's greenhouse watering system can directly observe the crop data through the mobile phone terminal! Through the analysis of the data, control the corresponding system adjustment! The best condition to ensure the growth environment of crops! Let the plant monitor the growth of crops anytime, anywhere! Greatly improved planting efficiency!