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Environmentally friendly sprinkler timer

Published by QiangTai 2019-03-01 11:58:47

The global water resources are extremely scarce. For some large countries with agriculture as the economic lifeline, agricultural irrigation systems not only consume large amounts of water, but also have low water use efficiency, which will also have a certain impact on the ecological environment. Therefore, countries have vigorously developed intelligent water-saving irrigation systems to alleviate the tensions between water supply and demand. At present, the application of sprinkler timer can not only effectively utilize limited water resources, but also a low-cost intelligent irrigation system, which plays a very important role in modern agriculture. The following is a key analysis of the role of sprinkler timers in modern agriculture.

Sprinkler timer is working

By analyzing data on various factors affecting crop irrigation in the agricultural production environment, such as soil, rainfall, temperature, etc., this not only understands the actual situation of the soil, but also understands the water demand of the crop, Then, according to the needs, the watering scheme of the sprinkler timer can be adjusted reasonably.Irrigation operations can effectively achieve a uniform ratio of water to fertilizer, and irrigate crops on time and in volume to meet the demand for water for crops, and achieve water-saving irrigation.

Sprinkler timer is irrigating

sprinkler timer have the function of saving time, labor and money. There are many application cases of sprinkler timer in modern agriculture. Take the organic tea planting base as an example. In the past, hundreds of acres of tea garden irrigation required dozens or a few One hundred people can complete it, it takes time and effort, and the labor cost is high. Nowadays, after quoting the sprinkler timer, only one or two people can easily complete the work, reduce the irrigation time, reduce the irrigation cost, make the tea garden management simple and efficient, and the quality of the tea is guaranteed. Improve the efficiency of tea production.

Sprinkler timer is being sprinkled regularly

From the above point of view, the application of sprinkler timers in modern agriculture is of great significance, not just gimmicks. The watering timing scheme pays attention to water saving while also timely and precise irrigation, which realizes the automation, intelligence and refinement of irrigation.