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Changes in irrigation methods

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-26 15:13:50

Initially, the watering method started by humans is probably to fill the bucket with water, and then go to water the plants little by little, so this kind of watering method will be more laborious, especially if it is a plant that needs to be watered frequently, it needs more Hard work, so humans have also been devoted to how to research an automatic sprinkler timer.


Watering flowers and plants


Later, windmill irrigation was also invented, which is more suitable for paddy fields or large-scale planting, but if watering flowers, this method is rarely used. There was also a watering can, which was the most suitable method of watering flowers at that time. It was relatively more convenient. It was also more convenient to carry and would not take up too much space. Similarly, if a large amount of water is needed, it is easy to be tired.There is also a way to connect the water pipe to the faucet for direct watering. People who like watering should like this method very much, but for those who need to travel or have a busy life, I am afraid that there is not so much time to water.


There will also be changes in the period, but the more uncomfortable ones are those that is a bit laborious and time-consuming irrigation methods. So afterwards, I was constantly inventing and researching new products. What should I do when people are not at home?How to water when the demand for watering is relatively large, so it is constantly improving. More people are studying what kind of automatic sprinkler timers is more convenient and convenient, and can keep up with the pace of the times.


Automatic sprinkler timer watering


At the beginning, some people used mineral water or drinking water bottles, and took a small hole to let the water flow for a while. The kind can only be used on a few plants in the family, and the time is limited.


Later, automatic valves began to appear. From the beginning, watering was set on the valve, to watering can be set remotely through a computer or mobile phone, Bluetooth connection to WIFI connection, and then RF radio connection, technology is also constantly improving, There are more and more conveniences that can be brought about. The emergence of automatic watering timer makes remote watering no longer a problem, unlimited time and area, and even remote adjustment of water volume.