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Can it be watered like this in summer?

Published by QiangTai 2020-07-08 17:56:31

The weather is hot in summer, the plants evaporate quickly, and the number of watering times is more. If it is a very hot place, you can feel the heat of the weather even indoors, not to mention watering the garden lawn outdoors, it is easy It will be hot and sweaty.


Yard irrigation system at work.


So how to water the garden and lawn in the yard in summer? In the evening, watering can also lower the temperature of the air, and the evaporation of water can take away the heat in the air, which is also a way of cooling in summer. There are still many households that use sprinkler-type irrigation equipment connected to water pipes. People need to take the spray to the place where watering is needed. The amount of engineering is relatively large and it will be time-consuming.


Some people, if compared, and watering the garden every day, can easily make people tired and overworked, which ultimately leads to poor health and poor garden care. At this time, an intelligent yard irrigation system is needed, and there is no need to pay too much time and benefits, but it can correctly solve the owner's yard irrigation.


Product schematic diagram of the yard sprinkler system


The yard sprinkler system that can water by itself only needs to set the watering on the mobile phone, and the watering will be automatically stopped at a fixed time, no need to worry, and the amount of water can be adjusted. Even if you need to water a lot in the summer or have a lot of watering times, don’t worry. You can water it anytime and anywhere by opening the mobile APP.