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Available scenarios for smart sprinkler controllers

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-18 17:11:38

QOTO smart sprinklers controller can be used wherever water is needed.


The weather is hot in summer and the temperature of the air is very high. Generally, the fan is blown or the air conditioner is turned on, but there is also a physical method of cool the water. When dusk comes, spray water on the family yard and the outer wall of the house at night. It will be much cooler.


Can be used for lawn watering


A place I often like to go to when I am entertaining is the golf course. Such a large lawn needs regular maintenance, so watering is definitely essential, and the amount of engineering is too large if it is manual, but if smart sprinkler controller is installed The controller only needs one button control of the mobile phone, and the task of watering is completed.


In the case of flu, access disinfection is also very important. It can be used as an alcohol disinfection spray. In the place where pedestrians go in and out, alcohol disinfection can be performed remotely and regularly. Even if it is not flu, disinfection is often done. It is also beneficial to prevent some influenza or virus infections.


QOTO smart water valve product picture


Technology is developing very fast now, and many people are engaged in agricultural work, such as large-scale cultivation in greenhouses and farms, so planting must definitely devote time and energy, but things like watering are easier, and the smart sprinkler controller can intelligently water, and agriculture has become more worry-free.


In fact, in addition to these, the smart sprinkler controller has many places in life that can be used as long as it needs sprinkling, which is very convenient and safe.