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Automatic watering timer capable of cooling

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-29 17:00:27

In summer, the outdoor temperature is too high. If you stay outdoors for a while, you will sweat a lot. If it does not rain, it will be too hot. If there is a rain at this time, it can relieve the heat in the air.Automatic sprinkler timer is a very good choice. When the weather is hot, sprinkle water regularly to moisturize the air. The evaporation of water can take away the heat in the air, which can produce a certain cool effect, which is often called physical cool.


Automatic sprinkler timer at work


And can control the size of the water flow, also save water to the greatest extent, make full use of every piece of water resources. Multiple automatic sprinklers can be controlled from a mobile phone remotely, and regular watering can be set in advance, and one mobile phone can handle it, but it should be not that it is best to sprinkle water in a ventilated place to evaporate the moisture and take away the hot air, too closed space If the water does not evaporate, it stays in the air and becomes more humid and hot.


Automatic sprinkler timer at work


Using the TF radio scheme, it can transmit farther than ordinary WIFI, and it is more penetrating. It is 2 to 3 times that of ordinary WIFI. RF radio is more suitable for a single transmission method of sprinkler timer, which can achieve results more efficiently.


So in the summer, you may wish to try physical cool. You only need to install an automatic sprinkler timer to cool about in a more natural way. At the same time, you can install it in the garden to water the garden and water the flowers.