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Automatic plant water system for greenhouse in life

Published by QiangTai 2020-07-18 18:03:22

It may not be possible in the past to eat green vegetables from winter to spring, but now it can be achieved, no matter which season, you can eat fresh four seasons of fruits and vegetables and appreciate beautiful flowers.


The advancement of greenhouse technology can cultivate crops and flowers in various seasons, and plants can grow ignoring the changes of the four seasons. The crops and plants in the greenhouse are relatively large projects, and in this regard are generally the most advanced technical support for agriculture. Careful care by farmers, fertilization and watering, weeding and weeding. No matter what needs to be done carefully, and the watering can be used in the automatic plant water system for greenhouse.


Greenhouse watering


The automatic plant water system for greenhouse is suitable for greenhouse crops, large-scale planting, it is impossible to spend a little manpower to water a certain amount, and the greenhouse automatic plant water supply system can be remotely operated by a mobile phone to achieve large-scale watering, and can be used on the mobile phone The size of the watering amount is set at the end to ensure that watering is performed according to different plants and according to the required water amount, and the watering situation is reasonably arranged.


Traditional agricultural irrigation


After witnessing the germination, growth, and maturity of the plants, if they are crops, they can be sold on the market, if they are flowers, they can also be sold on the market. In general, the automatic plant water system for greenhouse is a convenient tool , Can bring about saving manpower, saving financial resources, saving energy, making it easier for plants in the greenhouse to grow better.