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Automatic garden watering system installed in the home

Published by QiangTai 2020-07-22 18:43:12

Families with a garden will choose to plant flowers in the garden, especially those who love flowers, they will definitely take care of their flowers and plants, whether it is from the first planting or after fertilization and weeding, especially regular watering to grow flowers People's top priority, so it is necessary to install an automatic garden watering system at home.


The sprinkler is sprinkling water


It can realize real-time watering when traveling or working on a business trip. It can be watered in real time by remote control via the mobile phone APP, and it can also be watered regularly in the society, and the watering time will be automatically turned off. It is very safe and worry-free.


The sprinkler is sprinkling water


The automatic garden watering system has a long standby function and a long battery life. The solar low-light version of the rechargeable battery can achieve a service life of 3 to 4 years and a long use time. It can also save the processing cost of ordinary batteries and reduce environmental damage. Pollution, protect the environment. And it is not restricted by the site, so you can install it wherever you want.


The automatic garden watering system has a long transmission distance and strong signal penetration. It adopts RF wireless transmission method, which is 2~3 times the transmission distance of ordinary WIFI. The transmission distance can reach 180m outdoors, and 3~4 walls can be penetrated indoors. , No need to worry about garden watering, it can solve all the troubles of garden watering.