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Advantages of QOTO plant irrigation system

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-24 16:50:19

Now that many families have installed plant irrigation systems, what are the advantages of QOTO plant irrigation systems?


Schematic diagram of QOTO plant irrigation system


1.More than one pass

One gateway can connect 60 different sub-devices at the same time, and can be configured with multiple control valves in different areas. The interface is simple and easy to operate.Mobile APP uses MCU microcomputer control technology.


It is based on the third-party platform of smart home (Graffiti Smart Cloud Service), which can monitor the status of the device and device usage in real time for the mobile APP, and can operate all the devices in the smart home through a mobile APP, and can control the home ownership anytime, anywhere smarts device.


2. Adjustable water volume of mobile phone

Adopt cloud control technology, start watering remotely, adjust the amount of watering at any time, set the watering percentage, and the accuracy is 5%. Timed watering and watering time can be set. You can set it in advance when you are busy. You can also check the historical watering volume at any time. The kind can only adjust the water volume by adjusting the sprinkler or faucet, which is troublesome to operate.


3. Long battery life

AA battery version can be used for 12 months. The high-end version of the solar low-light plate rechargeable battery can be used for 3 to 4 years without replacement. There is no need to connect power supplies, no power failure control, no wiring trouble, no need to arrange sockets, and no restrictions on the installation site.When the battery is about to run out, there will be a reminder of the APP to inform the battery is low, reminding the owner to replace the battery in time.

When there is a problem with the valve, the irrigator stops working, and at the same time, the APP terminal of the mobile phone prompts a fault, prompting the owner to repair it in time.Prevent flooding with flowers and plants and affect neighbors.


4. Full-diameter pipes with smooth water flow

The full diameter of 4 minutes and 6 minutes, the water outlet will not shrink, and the electric control valve switch has no requirements for water quality and water pressure, and will not block the valve due to dirty water quality. The water pressure can withstand PN16. While most other watering devices have a 4-point caliber, the actual caliber is only 1/3 of the size, the flow rate is small, and the requirements for water quality are high, otherwise it is easy to block the valve.


Remote control of mobile phone watering


5.RF radio program, WIFI 2~3 times the range

Using wireless connection technology in line with international standards, the transmission is farther and the communication is more stable. The RF radio solution has very low power consumption and is suitable for outdoor products of low data speeds. It has a longer standby time, a longer transmission distance, 2 to 3 times that of WIFI, and lower power consumption. The outdoor can transmit up to 180m, and the indoor can pass through 2~3 walls. However, some use WIFI, Bluetooth, etc. to connect the watering device, the installation range is limited, and the WIFI signal is unstable when it is too far from the router.


6.Voice control

The intelligent voice control system uses Tmall Genie, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and other voice smart speakers to wake up the watering device to work. The interactive experience of the voice assistant liberates your hands and interacts with smart devices in a more natural way.


7.Real-time monitoring

You can monitor the watering situation in real time, you can see the feedback on the APP, whether the watering situation is watered, whether the valve is open or closed, you can view it.


8.Waterproof sunscreen

IP66 waterproof, not afraid of water splashing and splashing, no fear of heavy rain. High temperature 85℃, not afraid of exposure. At the same time with temperature sensing function, showing the local weather at that time. The water pipe can withstand a maximum water temperature of 70 degrees.


Roadside green plants are watering


Compared with other products on the market, the QOTO plant watering system still has many advantages, which can bring many conveniences to the daily life.