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Advantages of Intelligent Irrigation systems

Published by QiangTai 2019-05-29 15:31:19

Intelligent irrigation system to achieve intelligent irrigation: as long as the set of watering procedures, it can be the fully automatic operation, rainy days automatically shut down, sunny days automatically open.

Intelligent irrigation system for accurate irrigation: the lawn, flower shrubs, grass flowers and moss for zoning control, set up different irrigation procedures to meet the water demand requirements of different plants, to achieve accurate irrigation management.

Intelligent Irrigation systems can save Labor: in garden management, with this set of intelligent irrigation systems, there is no need to manually water, can save more time to carefully take care of other details.

Intelligent irrigation system for improved quality: Accurate intelligent irrigation management, appropriate water, and fertilizer management during the garden management period can make plants grow better. Automatic watering to create a microclimate, scour plant leaf dust, improve the living environment. Irrigation, nozzle irrigation device has a variety of waterscape modeling, for the courtyard to add a dynamic landscape, improve the quality of the garden.


QOTO Intelligent irrigation system is mainly oriented to farmland, gardens, facilities and agriculture and other fields of daily irrigation control and management, and through modern scientific and technological means to reduce human costs, improve automated production efficiency, save water resources for the purpose.