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Industry news

Published by: QiangTaiSmart water control in the intelligent eraJune 12,2020
Smart water control in the intelligent era

Now in the smart era, more and more smart products of life appear and continue to improve, everyone's life is more and more convenient, and smart water control has also entered people's lives.

Published by: QiangTaiFarm and smart irrigation controllerJune 11,2020
Farm and smart irrigation controller

QOTO intelligent irrigation controller has the characteristics of one network and multiple levels, one gateway can connect 60 sub-devices at the same time.

Published by: QiangTaiQOTO has obtained the EU registered trademark certificationJune 10,2020
QOTO has obtained the EU registered trademark certification

QOTO is a very good choice for home smart watering and smart irrigation systems, and the purchase is guaranteed!

Published by: QiangTaiCreate an automatic plant waterer for plants to drink themselvesJune 09,2020
Create an automatic plant waterer for plants to drink themselves

People who love to care for flowers and plants are caring and patient,sometimes there is no time, but there are automatic plant drinkers, which saves time and worry.

Published by: QiangTaiReassurance from QOTO automatic irrigation systemJune 08,2020
Reassurance from QOTO automatic irrigation system

Whether it is going to travel or traveling, as long as it needs irrigation, you can remotely get it through your mobile phone.

Published by: QiangTaivacation plant watering systemSeptember 23,2019
vacation plant watering system

There is such a good helper: vacation plant watering system, whether you are going on vacation or at home, you can safely protect your plants without any troubles.