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Industry news

Published by: QiangTaiReassurance from QOTO automatic irrigation systemJune 08,2020
Reassurance from QOTO automatic irrigation system

Whether it is going to travel or traveling, as long as it needs irrigation, you can remotely get it through your mobile phone.

Published by: QiangTaivacation plant watering systemSeptember 23,2019
vacation plant watering system

There is such a good helper: vacation plant watering system, whether you are going on vacation or at home, you can safely protect your plants without any troubles.

Published by: QiangTaiWhat is the price of the wifi sprinkler controller?September 17,2019
What is the price of the wifi sprinkler controller?

The QOTO wifi sprinkler controller is a plant-developed device that monitors soil moisture, temperature, and air humidity. In combination with the mobile phone APP, remote remote control devices can b...

Published by: QiangTaiAutomatic garden watering system for watering automationSeptember 16,2019
Automatic garden watering system for watering automation

Friends who like to plant flowers and plants know that flowers and plants need to be watered, If you go out for a few days, don’t have time to water, then our flowers and plants are likely to wither, ...

Published by: QiangTaiDevelopment process of greenhouse watering systemSeptember 10,2019
Development process of greenhouse watering system

Greenhouse watering system, in fact, many of the greenhouse cultivation should be familiar! With the development of the planting industry, the greenhouse watering system is also progressing, from the ...

Published by: QiangTaiauto watering system is the best way to water the lawnSeptember 09,2019
auto watering system is the best way to water the lawn

89% of the population believes that the auto watering system is the best way to water the lawn.It can be seen that the automatic watering system is really well received by everyone.