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Industry news

Published by: QiangTaiAutomatic watering timer capable of coolingJune 29,2020
Automatic watering timer capable of cooling

You only need to install an automatic sprinkler timer to cool about in a more natural way.

Published by: QiangTaiChanges in irrigation methodsJune 26,2020
Changes in irrigation methods

The emergence of automatic watering timer makes remote watering no longer a problem, unlimited time and area, and even remote adjustment of water volume.

Published by: QiangTaiAdvantages of QOTO plant irrigation systemJune 24,2020
Advantages of QOTO plant irrigation system

Now that many families have installed plant irrigation systems, what are the advantages of QOTO plant irrigation systems?

Published by: QiangTaiPlant watering system and natureJune 23,2020
Plant watering system and nature

It is also necessary to carry out urban construction while protecting the environment, so The coordination between plants and cities is very important

Published by: QiangTaiThe essential yard sprinkler system for the family courtyardJune 22,2020
The essential yard sprinkler system for the family courtyard

Not every day has enough time to water the lawn and vegetation in a timely manner, so courtyard irrigation is also a priority in life.

Published by: QiangTaiQOTO Smart water valve is used for grass irrigationJune 20,2020
QOTO Smart water valve is used for grass irrigation

If you are usually busy, you can choose lawn irrigation equipment, which can save a lot of time.