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Published by: QiangTaiYard sprinkler system during leisureAugust 05,2020
Yard sprinkler system during leisure

Basically, people who have a yard plant a neat lawn and a variety of beautiful flowers and plants, as well as trees and fruit trees, all appear in the yard.

Published by: QiangTaiSafe lawn irrigation productsAugust 04,2020
Safe lawn irrigation products

Lawn in life, whether at home, the lawn needs to be well organized, or outdoors in parks, the coverage rate of lawn is very high, and the maintenance of lawn usually takes a lot of time and energy.

Published by: QiangTaiSmart outdoor sprinkler controller application scenariosAugust 03,2020
Smart outdoor sprinkler controller application scenarios

There are many places where sprinkling is needed in life. As long as you want, the smart outdoor sprinkler controller can do it, bringing more convenience to life.

Published by: QiangTaiUse of smart sprinkler controller in the smart eraAugust 01,2020
Use of smart sprinkler controller in the smart era

Smart sprinkler controllers can be used wherever sprinklers are used in life, which can make life more experience and improve the quality of life.

Published by: QiangTaiWhat are the benefits of garden water timerJuly 31,2020
What are the benefits of garden water timer

Flowers are the spiritual reliance and sustenance of many people, especially those who love flowers. They will plant their favorite green plants and flowers in their homes, balconies and gardens, and ...

Published by: QiangTaiBeautiful garden and automatic garden watering systemJuly 30,2020
Beautiful garden and automatic garden watering system

he flowers in the garden are in full bloom. The owner of the flowers has a sense of accomplishment. Friends who see the flowers will also feel that their mood becomes better. Beautiful flowers have ma...