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Types of lawn irrigation systems

Published by QiangTai 2020-07-02 17:32:19

The lawn irrigation system is generally divided into an automatic irrigation system and an artificial irrigation system. The automatic irrigation system is more advanced. The lawn irrigation supplies consist of water source, water pump, water distribution pipe, valve, sprinkler and controller. The controller controls the valve through a remote control. At a predetermined time, the sprinkler automatically sprays water. When the valve opens, it starts to sprinkle water. When the predetermined time ends, the valve closes.


Mobile phone remote watering


The manual system does not have an automatic controller, and the sluice gate needs to be manually opened. The pipes and valves need to be installed each time you irrigate. After irrigating, you need to remove the lawn irrigation supplies . You need to irrigate each time according to the situation of the lawn. This is time-consuming. Strenuous.


Lawn after watering


There is also a kind of underground watering,the lawn irrigation supplies are placed underground for irrigation. Plastic pipes or pottery with small slits or small holes are buried in the roots of the plants. Irrigation water enters the soil through these small holes. There is no atmospheric evaporation when watering. Underground irrigation reduces water loss and is used more in areas where water resources are scarce. It is relatively inflexible and buried in one location. It is more troublesome to change the irrigation location.


All kinds of lawn irrigation supplies have their own uses. The new era is updated to conform to the new trend. Choose more intelligent and convenient life irrigation supplies, so that continuous progress can be made.