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Tips for flower garden watering

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-13 17:28:11

There are many people who like to plant flowers, but they will be a little worried, because they don’t understand the techniques of planting flowers, just like flower garden watering, fertilizing gardens, and weeding gardens Tips.


For the flowers planted at home, the frequency of watering cannot be determined. First of all, different flowers have different watering methods, but for most plants, the golden rule must be followed. First, check whether the surface of the soil is dry, if it is dry , It means that the plants need to be watered immediately.Flower garden watering can't be diligent but it should be watered. Don't water it only a little at a time. This is because the soil on the surface is wet, but the soil underneath is still dry. The flowers and plants wither because of airtightness and drought.


Garden flowers


If the leaves on the surface of the plant become dry or discolored, the plant may need more water than usual. You can usually observe the surface of the plant and water it in time. If the plant is already short of water, for the situation caused by the lack of water, plants that frequently lack water should recover faster.If you want to save the plant from over-watering in the garden, it will be more troublesome. You may need to replant this plant, then remove all yellowish and unhealthy roots and soil, and then transplant it into a new flower pot or soil.


automatic watering system are watering


Flower garden watering also changes due to seasonal changes. The temperature rises, the water demand increases, and the watering should also increase. When the temperature is high in summer, it needs to be watered sooner or later. The temperature starts to fall in autumn, and the trees grow slowly. It is still not possible to carelessly. In winter, there is very little water demand. You can pour every few days to keep the soil slightly wet.