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Summer home watering system for watering flowers

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-17 17:20:37

Different flowers and plants, different watering time and watering volume can also be used for home irrigation system. The summer weather is hot, and watering the love flowers in the garden has become a major event. So how to water the flowers and plants in the summer? The weather is hot, and it depends on the home irrigation system to water the flowers, but the time and flow of watering must also be set.


In summer it is relatively dry, the temperature is high, and the water evaporates quickly, so the amount of watering should increase according to the weather. Summer watering time is best in the morning or evening, noon is not suitable for watering flowers.


Planted plants


Of course, it is still necessary to determine the amount and frequency of watering according to the habits of the flowers. Some flowers like water, some flowers are hardy, and they don’t like wet water, some flowers are blooming in summer, and some are blooming in winter, so they are different. The demand for water during the period will also be different. Naturally, it is necessary to distinguish between watering.


For some flowers that prefer water, as long as the surface of the pot soil becomes dry, you can water it. For example: gardenia, hydrangea, copper grass, etc.In addition, for some drought-tolerant flowers, you must wait for the potted soil to dry out before watering, the water is very easy to rotten roots, such as: Tiger Piran, Cactus, Desert Rose, Fortune Tree, etc.


Smart watering valve watering


Different plants at different times and different amounts of watering can also be controlled by a mobile phone. The QOTO home irrigation system has the characteristics of multiple networks and can be connected to 60 different sub-devices at the same time. In summer, you don’t have to worry about the garden.