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Succulents choose soil

Published by QiangTai 2020-07-24 18:43:22

Succulents are very cute. There are many succulents lovers in normal life. They usually like to raise so many succulents. Even some people only like to raise succulents, fleshy plants, which can make people feel better when they look at them. It's happy.


succulent plants


Friends who want to raise succulents, today I will introduce how to choose soil for succulents:


Succulents choose to be loose and breathable, contain a certain amount of humus, have moderate particles, no excessively fine dust, good drainage and water retention, weakly acidic or neutral. Of course, it also depends on what kind of succulents, a few succulents will choose alkaline soil more suitable .


Cinder is a commonly used ingredient, but almost all cinder contains sulfur. Succulents are not allergic to sulfur, and sulfur has the effect of killing bacteria and insects. From the comparison of planting over the years, the plants using cinder are more resistant than unused plants and are less prone to rot.


succulent plants


The used coal slag is based on the fully burned raw coal slag (it does not matter whether it contains incompletely burned coal), and honeycomb slag is the second. There is a lot of soil in honeycomb cinder, if it is to be used, it should be crushed and sieved. Before using the cinder, pass water to remove powder ash and alkali.


Using egg shells, the ratio of egg shells is 1/4, and the effect is very good. Egg shells are a kind of good breathable and water-permeable plant material, which is very useful for increasing the air permeability of the soil. Of course, it can also increase the calcium content. The eggshell should be crushed by 2-3mm.


In plant material, garden soil generally accounts for about 1/4, and sand accounts for about 1/3. However, the garden soil and sand have fine dust, and bricks, vermiculite, perlite, blue stone, and slag must be screened out and cleaned repeatedly before use.


succulent plants


Plant ingredients do not have to be listed by experts, nor do they have to be a single ingredient, but the more ingredients, the better. If there are bricks, vermiculite, perlite, sapphire, and slag, then all kinds are used, and the total amount should be controlled at about 1/3. For example, there are also some calcium-containing things such as egg shells, clam shells, bone meal, old lime, carbonized rice husks, etc., all of them are used, and the total amount should be controlled at about 10-20%.


Different plant materials have different physical functions and different nutritional functions, and it is definitely better to use a hybrid than a single ingredient. Regardless of the type of discharge, at least expose it to the sun for a few days before use.


For succulents, most of the cultivated soils on the market have certain limitations, so experienced enthusiasts tend to configure them by themselves. What kind of cultivation soil is considered high quality? Sandy loam that is loose, air-permeable, well-drained, has a certain aggregate structure, and can provide nutrients needed for plant growth. When configuring, pay attention to the reasonable combination of organic plant material and inorganic plant material to avoid excessively fine and small dust.Coupled with the best smart sprinkler controller watering, it can grow succulents better.