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Some problems encountered when watering plants

Published by QiangTai 2020-07-23 17:50:43

The automatic drip irrigation system is a very good watering tool for people who have a garden at home or who like to plant flowers and plants, but there are some problems that should be paid attention to when watering plants.


Traditional watering method


Reasons why plants should not be overwatered:


Too much watering of potted plants, the water fills the gaps in the soil, and the air in the soil is replaced by water. At this time, the outside air cannot enter. As a result, the soil is hypoxic, the respiration of the roots is hindered, the physiological function is reduced, and the roots absorb water and fertilizer. Ability is blocked.


At the same time, due to the lack of oxygen in the soil, aerobic bacteria with the function of decomposing organic matter in the soil multiply and operate, which increases the acidity of the soil. Due to the vigorous activities of butyric acid bacteria, a series of toxic substances such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia are produced, which directly poison the root system.


At the same time, because hypoxic plants consume a large amount of soluble sugar in the body and excessively accumulate alcohol and other substances, photosynthesis is greatly reduced, and finally the flowers die due to starvation.


Blooming flower


Rescue measures after excessive watering of plants:


When the plants are over-watered and water accumulates in the pot, the branches and leaves will show signs of wilting. At this time, you can loosen the soil above it, do not damage the roots, and then remove the rotten leaves, otherwise it will spread.


If the situation does not improve, you need to remove the plant with soil outside the pot, put it in a cool and ventilated place, distribute the root soil moisture, cut off the rotten roots, after 3-5 days, wait until the wound no longer has water (closed) to resume growth, and then Line on the basin.


If you encounter continuous rainy weather, you can turn the pot horizontally outside to avoid accumulation of water. The weather will be clear after rain. Due to strong sunlight, the plant will be damaged due to the root growth and excessive transpiration of the branches and leaves, causing serious water loss. For death, we must pay attention to strictly control the water, move the position of the potted plant, and recover from the shade.