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Several common home irrigation methods

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-04 13:40:02

Basically, every family will have their own garden, planting a variety of flowers and plants. Since they are lovers of flowers, garden watering is essential. Next, let me introduce you to several home irrigation methods.


1.Drip irrigation method


The use of drip irrigation system is focused on "watering crops and roots", each irrigation time should not be too long, according to different flowers and planting methods vary. The irrigation volume of the drip irrigation system is much less than the traditional irrigation method, so the frequency of irrigation needs to be increased. The following points should be paid attention to when selecting the type of drip irrigation pipeline:


① The distance between the droppers cannot be selected as large as possible,Try to choose a distance of 10 cm;

② When the drip irrigation pipe is laid, the water outlet must be upward or parallel to the ground, and cannot be downward.


Using drip irrigation in irrigation


The most effective water-saving irrigation method of arid and water-scarce areas,he waters utilization rate can reach 95%, it can be used for irrigation of fruit trees, vegetables, cash crops and greenhouses. It can also be used for irrigation of field crops in drought-scarce areas. The disadvantage is that the dropper is easy to scale and block, so the water source should be strictly filtered.


If you want to save water in home irrigation or the area is relatively dry and relatively dry, you can choose drip irrigation.


2.Micro spray irrigation method


Micro sprinkler irrigation is to spray water at a higher flow rate of a low-pressure pipe system, and then spray it on the soil surface at a lower flow rate. After spraying the water flow, under the action of air resistance, the water flow is decomposed into countless small water droplets on the soil and on the surface of the crops.


Micro spray irrigation


Micro-spray irrigation can spray the water-soluble fertilizer directly with the irrigation water to the soil surfaces or crop surface, which can improve the growth of plants, greatly improve the rate of fertilizer uses, and reduce the amount of fertilizer uses.


The micro-spray irrigation method can be used together with the drip irrigation method in home irrigation, which can complement each other and improve the efficiency.


3.Sprinkler irrigation method


Irrigation method of spraying water with a certain pressure in the air with the help of pumps and piping systems or using the drop of natural water to form small water droplets or form mist to land on plants and the ground, medium spray used in open flowers, nozzle range At about 12 meters.


Watering the lawn


The opend field grass flowers are the most suitable for sprinkler irrigation, the most suitable way for home irrigation, especially the large lawn. It has the advantages of saving water, not destroying the soil structure, adjusting the ground climate, and not being restricted by terrain.


Several home irrigation methods are introduced, but at the same time, we must pay attention to combining different flowers and vegetation for watering, and we must take good care of them when planting flowers.