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QOTO's intelligent irrigation device

Published by QiangTai 2020-02-29 09:05:26

QOTO's intelligent irrigation device is the only device that realizes the control of water flow and monitors the flow status in real time.

There are many green lawns in the city, and also many different kinds of crops in agricultural or greenhouses. Traditional irrigation methods have gradually been replaced by modern irrigation, but there are still many places to water with artificial mode, which waste manpower but may have low effect, then, what is the solution for the intelligent irrigation control system?


Current situation

Irrigation is an important measure to make up for the lack of natural precipitation in terms of quantity and regional unevenness, and to ensure that the amount of water needed for lawn growth is met in a timely and appropriate manner. In the past, many turf greening projects did not have a complete irrigation system, and flooding or artificial watering could only be used for water injection. Not only water is wasted, but often difficult to control the uniformity of water injection because of inability to pump timely, excessive or insufficient water injection, which adversely affects the normal growth of the lawn. With the continuous development of urban construction, a large number of urban populations are concentrated in irrigation equipment, industrial and domestic water are rapidly increasing, various green areas such as tourism, leisure, sports fields, and residential areas are becoming larger and larger, and urban water supply is becoming increasingly stressed.

Smart Irrigation Control System Solution


Smart irrigation control is an intelligent irrigation management system based on IOT. Each plant needs a suitable growing humidity. The humidity above the root system of the plant will rot in the soil, and the humidity below is not enough to meet the moisture required for plant growth. Irrigation is to greatly satisfy the humidity of the soil within the humidity range suitable for plant growth. According to the data, the humidity suitable for lawn growth is 50% -60% RH. Compared with 50% -60% RH, this signal can be divided into three cases: greater than, equal to, and less than. The smart irrigation system can regularly water according to a preset irrigation amount, and can observe the irrigation status through a mobile phone in real time. The realization does not require the direct participation of people, but only adjusts the irrigation system and maintenance control equipment.


QOTO's intelligent irrigation device is the only device that realizes the control of water flow and monitors the flow status in real time. The company focuses on the research and development of smart irrigation equipment through IOT technology to achieve efficient use of global water resources and energy.