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QOTO Smart Irrigation Controller -Your Garden Plant Housekeeper

Published by QiangTai 2020-02-10 09:22:38

QOTO Smart Irrigation Controller -Your Garden Plant Housekeeper

The traditional irrigation method is that water enters the field from the surface of the earth and soaks into the soil by gravity and capillary action. Disadvantages: waste water, poor uniformity of irrigation.

Many people struggle to know how much to water their garden.  Do you water for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or more?  How many days per week? And what type of sprinklers should you use?

Okay, even you know your sprinklers are applying the right amount to each plant type that need to survive and thrive,who and how to control the sprinklers? As you know, the traditional irrigation method can not work .

If you have a smart irrigation controller, once you set what you want in the controller and connected it to smart water valve, it will read automatically and do all the work for you!

Below we will recommend a smart irrigation controller to solve these problems.

QOTO Smart Irrigation Controller can be connected to a smartphone, tablet or laptop via the cloud and manipulated directly on those devices. Wherever you are connected to the WiFi signal, you can set the timer. 

Easy to install

The controller is fitted with valve and fittings for easy installation.

QOTO Smart Irrigation Controller -Your Garden Plant Housekeeper



Simple APP control interface


Cloud Timing Function

Minimum once a day, maximum unlimited times per day .
The water valve opening time can be set and countdown at the state of opening(Max timer 23:59:59).When the time is up, the water valve will automatically close. 


Motor Fault Alarm

When there is something wrong with valve ,it will stop working automatically.And you can see the tip of Failure warning on app interface.(see the picture)


As every garden is different and can require different amounts of water. QOTO smart irrigation controller can fit the different water rate requirementl because of its precise water flow function. From 0-100%, the flow rate can be set arbitrarily with 5% accuracy.

It is like your garden plant housekeeper which can reach a watering amount that you and your garden are happy with.By using this QOTO smart irrigation controller to get started in water efficient irrigation, you can alter the amount you irrigate each time according to factors such as the depth of your soil, hydrozoning and the age of your plants.