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Novice flower knowledge

Published by QiangTai 2020-07-18 18:27:05

Green vegetation and blooming flowers always make people look relaxed and happy. Most people have had the idea of growing flowers, but how to grow flowers is also a knowledge, and some people are discouraged because they don't know the techniques of growing flowers. Today I will share some tips that novices can pay attention to when planting flowers.


It is best for novices to grow flowers that are suitable for the local climate, because those who are suitable for the local climate tend to grow more smoothly, and the flowers will not be affected by the local weather, and the flower growers do not need to improve the environment to adapt the flowers to the environment and increase the cultivation. The difficulty of the flower.


Garden flowers


In fact, the most troublesome problem for many novice flower growers is watering and fertilization. There is a relatively simple method of watering, you can stop watering, do not water for a few days, and then check the status of the leaves, if the leaves have signs of softening, you can water, master this rule, you can follow this rule later Water, don't wait for the leaves to be completely soft, and water before they are soft. However, this should be based on the weather. If there is less precipitation, more water should be poured. If there is more precipitation, less water should be poured. Installing an best oscillating sprinkler is also a very good option, without worrying too much.


Garden flowers


Then there is the problem of fertilization. In fact, the cultivation of flowers by ordinary people is not necessary for fertilization. Unless there are some problems with the flowers, or if the compound fertilizer is buried in the soil before the growing season, the problem of base fertilizer can be solved.


Finally, the most important thing for growing flowers is perseverance. Some people will be very keen when they first start growing flowers, and they will slowly relax after a long time. At this time, they may forget to water the flowers and forget to take good care of the flowers. At the end, you may not be able to grow flowers well, so you can learn the techniques of growing flowers, but you need to do it slowly if you insist on this.