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How to plant and maintain lawn?

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-05 13:49:51

As long as families with yards basically have lawns, how can they are maintained if they are growing well? Not only watering, intelligent water management system, but also how to fertilize and remove weeds is also critical.


Mowing good-looking family lawn.


Watering.When planting lawns and ground to cover plants, except for the rainy season, they should be watered 2-4 times a week, and it is advisable for the water to penetrate 10-15 cm underground. The water should be watered once before the land is thawed and before the hair well. In the late autumn, the antifreeze water should be slipped once after the grass leaves are yellow and before the land is frozen. The water volume should be sufficient to allow the water to seep 15-20cm underground. Watering in the morning is better because it allows the lawn enough times to stay dry at night. At night, the lawn is too humid to breed fungi. If the family has an intelligent water management system, directly setting the timing and quantitative watering can avoid staring at the watering situation without trouble.


intelligent water management system at work.


Fertilize. In order to keep the lawn leaves green and densely grown, it must be fertilized. The best time for cold season turf are in early spring and autumn. The first time after green, it can promote growth; the second time in Zhongchun. After the weather turns hot, forced fertilization should be stopped. Fertilizer can also be directly poured into the lawn through an intelligent water management system, which is also very convenient.


Mowing the lawn. Motorized rotary lawn mowers are generally used. Before pruning, the grass should be completely cleared to remove stones, branches and other debris from the damaged lawnmower scissors. The cut grass blades should be transported away in time. Remember, the faster the grass grows, the more diligently you need to cut! Improper pruning often causes weed to grow and pests to breed. The use of herbicides are more complicated, and improper use will cause great losses, so the experiment should be done carefully before use.


mowing the lawn.


Ventilation. In order to improve the root ventilation of the lawn, adjust the soil moisture content, and improve the fertilization effect, it is necessary to punch holes on the lawn to ventilate.


Weed removal. The hay layer is a layer of rhizomes staggered on the surface of the soil, which prevents moisture and the sprayed nutrients from entering the soil. If this condition exists, it may cause the soil to become acidic. The hay layer is best removed from the fall with a dedicated rake, and the pH of the soil can be adjusted to lime (for a pH adjustment of less than 6.5, every 100 square feet of lawn requires 0.1 lb for every 0.1 pH adjustment).


Sunshine on the lawn.


Pest monitoring.The presence of pests usually indicates that lawn maintenance needs to be adjusted. It can safely solve the rapid outbreak of insect pests (such as bed bugs and grass larvae), avoid the use of highly toxic, persistent and synthetic agents, and it is best to use natural low-toxic products to control the outbreak of insect pests. Before you have time to evaluate the efficacy, please do not rush to try this drug and try another drug. The entire process should be controlled so that no more harmful insects will appear. We should change the view that lawns do not require insects. There should be some insects on the lawn, because if the insects in this environment cannot survive, then us humans will not be able to survive.


Beautiful flowers and bees.


We can follow the above suggestions for daily lawn maintenance, monitor and evaluate your lawn to take measures to solve problems when early symptoms appear, adopt ecological strategies to solve any bad problems, cooperate with an intelligent water management system, properly fertilize, and enjoy the fun of ecological forests.