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How to design the irrigation system of the villa garden

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-26 15:47:52

Family friends that have a courtyard want to create a beautiful garden, regardless of the size of the area, it can be pleasing to the eye, so in order to make the garden watering more worrying, it is necessary to install an indoor sprinkler timer, how to install the garden timer is better?


Villa courtyard


If you have built a garden that is not going to be relocated, you can only lay out the pipes according to the existing location. Generally, the indoor sprinkler system is relatively simple and easy to install, but you should pay attention to the layout of the garden. Learn to put together vegetation that requires different irrigation methods, for example, it is best to put drip irrigation together, put together with less water demand, put more water demand together, so that when watering can be more accurate watering, will not each other There is an impact on them, so that the amount of water is not so accurate, and the plants that grow out are not so good.


Watering hose


If the garden has not been laid out and the irrigation system and garden are to be built together, the location of the sluice gate and pipeline can be planned in advance. If the pipeline is more affected, the pipeline can be buried in the soil, of course, without affecting the plants The premise of the root.


In order to prevent mistakes, it is better to have plans and plans for drawings in advance, and to arrange a more reasonable layout, which can not only to ensure the beauty, but also ensure the convenient installation of the indoor sprinkler timer, reducing unnecessary waste.