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How to build a beautiful garden?

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-24 17:11:16

If you want to build a distinctive home garden, you need some skills and methods.


Beautiful garden


1. Regardless of the size of the garden, determining a style theme is the premise of designing the garden.

If the garden is positioned as a fresh and romantic English style, no matter where you go, it can always be surrounded by soft and fresh colors and rich textures, then the plants and structures of white flowers can instantly brighten the colors of the entire garden.


2. Color matching from culture

Color is the source of the charm of the English garden. The color art of the English garden originated from the aesthetics of landscape oil painting in the 17th and 18th centuries.


3. Idea

The cultural accumulation of the whole era has provided nourishment for the English garden. It is like a container, which contains the unique and elegant cultural style of Britain.


4. Good garden irrigation system

A garden is also very important for garden irrigation. Only flowers that receive sunlight can grow more vigorously. Gardens are generally relatively large, so the best device can control the watering remotely.


Plant irrigation system


5. Plant morphology

But the native plants in the UK tend to be green as a whole. In order to create a colorful flower environment, there must be a large scale of exotic plants to choose from. Fully consider the morphology of the plant, and configure the plant based on this. Match various leaves, consider color combinations, and use symmetrical distribution flexibly. These are plant configuration techniques that must be considered when building a garden.


6. Natural materials

For paving and flower bed edges, use natural materials as much as possible to increase the interest of the garden. Especially the garden road, compared with the use of concrete paving, the use of natural stone will enhance the natural wind atmosphere of the garden.


Beautiful rose wall


7. Rose flower stand

The rose stand is a good cover and an element that connects the different planting areas. The strong color of the red roses and the pleasant fragrance will evoke your mood to walk in the garden.


The beautiful garden is the pursuit of garden lovers, who can invest a lot of time and energy to create a pleasing garden.