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How often should i water indoor plants?

Published by QiangTai 2020-08-01 18:51:19

I often see people who like to grow green plants and flowers are very troubled, because they don’t know the planting skills, and they cure the plants. They often ask: how often should i water indoor plants?


garden watering


The most correct watering method is to wait until the pot soil is completely dry and all the soil in the flower pot is dry, and then water the pot. The watering will be done thoroughly. The drain hole in the bottom of the pot will drain the water. Excess water flows out and must be dumped in time.

If it is some plants that prefer to be moist, such as potted plants such as dill and netgrass, you can increase watering when the temperature is above 17 degrees.

Before watering these water-loving plants, we can poke our fingers into the soil about 3 cm to see if they are dry, and if they are dry, we can add water.


2. The best time for watering:

It is best to water before 9 o'clock in the morning, and avoid watering at night, because the soil moisture cannot be distributed, and the water may remain on the leaves or plants, which can easily cause root rot or leaf rot, etc. Inducing fungal infections.

However, if it is a hot summer and the temperature is still high at night, you can water in the evening or at night and avoid watering at noon.


3. Don't just pour a little water

Some friends keep a lot of potted flowers. Every time you water it, you just want to make the soil on the surface moist and not water it. In fact, this will cause great damage to the plants, because a little water can only moisten the soil on the surface. Roots cannot absorb water, which can easily cause yellow leaves and fusarium wilt.

So every time you water it, you must water it thoroughly and avoid half of the water. If you have these watering problems, you must correct them in time.